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How to set the table in style.

It's often easy to forget how to set the table correctly. This can be especially so if you do not entertain frequently in a formal setting where more glasses and cutlery are needed. In this case, the task can be somewhat daunting when you do decide to organise a formal occasion. It can often be a confusing task but it doesn’t need to be if you follow these simple guidelines. Remember, the art of table setting can be influenced by many things. Some of these influences include

  • The country in which you are dining.
  • The region within that country.
  • Ethnic influences.
  • Your dinning location:
    • at a restaurant,
    • in a private home,
    • at a banquet,
  • The menu
  • The formality of the occasion.

Just remember the main table setting rule that the utensils for each course are placed in the order served, from the outside in. This will eliminate any confusion for any guest.

We've presented two different table settings here for you as a guide

Elegant Dinner Place Setting.

This is the place setting that Moyarta would recommend for using at home for an elegant dinner party where both red and white wine will be served. This place setting is appropriate for a menu that includes soup first followed by the the main course and then a dessert course and can be easily adapted to suit your particular menu.

If you are serving your salad with the main course and not as a separate course, you can simply eliminate the salad fork. Your guests can just use their dinner fork. Likewise, if you will not be serving bread, just remove the bread plate.