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' The possibles slow fuse is lit by the imagination '

Emily Dickinson



From the pale, cherry blossom pink of a new bud to the crisp chartreuse green of a beautiful pear, the color wheel provides infinite inspiration for our events and styling. We love working with colour and combining different pallets to achieve the unique and unexpected. Colour is often a starting point when we work on storyboards for events. Our trusted pantone colour chart holds a prominent place so inspiration is always at hand.


Fine dinnerware

There is something about fine French or English porcelain that makes us want to possess big stacks of gorgeous gilt edged plates. Whenever our travels allow us enough time for browsing in a museum that has a porcelain collection, you can usually find us there. Our all time favourite would have to be the porcelain collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London for it’s huge array of pieces from makers such as Sevres and Coalport.


Historic Homes

Touring historic homes around the world always inspires. Thoughts of fabulous gilded age parties on the lawn, or ladies from long ago rocking on the porch, historic homes seem to whisper their secrets to us and inspire us to recreate the magic of days gone by. The magnificent Rosecliff in Newport Rhode Island is one of our whispering favourites.


The Seasons

Early snow drops in Spring, fireflies, cicadas and long hot nights in Summer, the first icicles on the tree branches in winter and of course the gorgeous colour palate of the fall. The seasons provide a myriad of inspirational elements and the never ending capacity of our environment around us to keep rejuvenating and reinventing itself always inspires our creativity.



Whether browsing through an antiques market for vintage glass, a fresh produce market for inspiring menu ideas or a flea market of bric a brac surprises, we are always inspired by the hunt for a treasure. The flea markets of Saint Ouen in Paris, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or the Brimfield Antiques market in Massachusetts are some of our favorites.



Hotels, the beach, in a barn or in a chic city restaurant, we find inspiration for our events from the location itself. It could be in a garden for a child’s carousel party or at the top of a mountain in a chalet for a romantic fireside wedding. Wherever we find ourselves arranging an event or occasion for a client, we draw inspiration from the bones of our location. A personal favourite for a glamorous and chic city event is the Crystal Room at the Baccarat House in Paris. Tres Chic.


New York

The city that never sleeps provides endless inspiration for everything we do. One of the most glamorous cities in the world is home to some of the great annual events on the calendar which provide a boundless source of inspiration for us. New York is also home to some of the world’s most creative tabletop designers who’s objects are exclusively available through Moyarta. We love bringing a little piece of New York to everything we do……