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How to find the correct size tablecloth for your table.

What are standard table linen sizes?

Table linens should be generously sized for elegant entertaining. Sizes will vary among different collections, but they are generally as follows:

Cocktail Napkin 15 cms x 15 cms(6" x 6")
Luncheon Napkin 40cms x 40 cms(18" x 18")
Dinner Napkin 50 cms x 50 cms(22" x 22")
Placemat 36 cms x 50 cms(14" x 20")
Tablecloth 175 cms x 250cms (70" x 90")
Tablecloth 175 cms x 275 cms (70" x 108")
Tablecloth 175 cms x 320 cms (70" x 126")
Tablecloth 175 cms x 365 cms (70" x 144")
Tablecloth 175 cms x 410 cms (70" x 162")
Tablecloth 175 cms round (70" round)
Tablecloth 250 cms round (90" round)
Tablecloth 275 cms round (108" round)

Tablecloth Sizing Guide:

  • For formal dining, we suggest an25 to 30 cms (10 to 12")drop on all sides.
  • For a more dramatic look, lengthen the drop to 75cms (30") or more on each side. This will create a puddle effect on the floor and is ideal for lavish celebrations.
  • To determine the size you need, measure the length and width (or diameter, if you have a round table) of your table and add twice the desired drop to each figure. When measuring, don't forget any leaves or extensions you may have, as it is common for tables to be extended when entertaining.
  • Following is a basic chart of standard tablecloth sizes and the table sizes they would fit:

Tablecloth Size

Approx Number of Settings

175cms x 250cms (70" x 90") 6
175cms x 275cms (70" x 108") 6 - 8
175cms x 320cms (70" x 126") 8 - 10
175cms x 365cms (70" x 144") 10 - 12
175cms x 410cms (70" x 162") 12+
175 cms (70" Round) 6
250 cms (90" Round) 6 - 8
275 cms (108" Round) 8 - 10

What size tablecloth should I buy? For formal settings, Moyarta recommends that tablecloths should hang down 25 to 30 cms(10" to 12") evenly around the table. More elaborate occasions may call for a drop of anywhere from 40 to 75cms (15" to 30") (all the way to the floor) and beyond. Keep in mind that the longer the drop, the more dramatic the effect will be on your room. In contrast, casual events such as a picnic on a table in the park call for cloths that have 15 to 20 cms (6" to 8" drops.)

To calculate the size of the tablecloth you need, measure the length and width of your table and add twice the desired drop to each dimension. For example, if your table measures 110 cmswide and 215cms long, and you would like a 30cms drop on each side, your tablecloth should be:

110cms + 30cms + 30cms = 170 cms wide / 215cms + 30cms + 30cms = 275cms long

How to measure for a rectangular or square table.

How to measure for round tables.

For round tables, measure the diameter of your table and add twice the desired drop. Following the example above, 115cms round tables would require 175cms round tablecloths.

What shape should my tablecloth be? On square and rectangular tables, we suggest using the same shape tablecloth. On round tables, either rounds or squares may be used, while on oval tables, either oval or rectangular tablecloths may be used. If you have several tables that you use often and your budget is limited, a nice alternative is to use placemats and napkins, which will work in any situation.

My table has several leaves. What size tablecloth should I buy? If the table is extended and shortened often, separate tablecloths should be purchased to fit each size. If this is not possible, Moyarta can offer several solutions. The first one is to buy a cloth that fits the size of table that is used most often, and purchasing affordable banquet cloths for larger affairs. Another solution is to simply buy a cloth to fit the largest table, and use it at all times. A third possibility is to purchase a series of smaller square tablecloths, each of which can be draped diagonally over the table.