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Glittered Eggs for Spectacular Easter Entertaining

Friday, April 06, 2012

We built a beautiful Easter centerpiece, ready for Easter entertaining by displaying blown out eggs that had been covered in several different gorgeous shades of glitter. We then added some bunnies, artificial grass and ribbon and placed everything on a lovely antique silver tray.

The result:- an amazing centerpiece.

Here’s how we did it.

Step 1. Blow Out the Eggs

Pierce both the top and the bottom of the egg with a darning needle. Make sure the hole at the bottom is slightly larger so that the egg can run out.

Thoroughly rinse and then leave to drain and dry.

Step 2. Decorate the Eggs

Coat the eggs one side at a time with clear craft glue and then spoon varying shades of glitter over them. Repeat on the remaining side once first side has dried thoroughly.

Step 3. Decorated Eggs Drying

Build a foam drying board for the decorated eggs to dry on.

Take a piece of Styrofoam and push some nails into it to form a drying board.

Step 4. Arranging It All Together

Arrange glittered eggs in a beautiful crystal compote or a lovely glass dish. We used artificial grass squares to line the bottom of our tray but you could use green felt pieces or fabric from the craft store.  We then added some glittered felt carrots and bunnies with coordinating ribbon tied around their necks.

Viola!. Happy Easter entertaining everyone.