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Break out of your "Beige Haze" with Kim Seybert and Moyarta Table Accessories

Friday, October 28, 2011

On a recent trip to Queensland, we enjoyed speaking to our customers; those who attended our Moyarta Trunk Show in beautiful Noosa as well as the owners of several of the large home decorating and interiors stores. We learned more about how people like to entertain in these gorgeous coastal settings and also how they like to style their tables at home.

Until recently it seems, decorating trends in the area have leaned towards white, beige and ecru when it came to home decorating in general but also specifically for decorating the table.

Several of our customers and others expressed the feeling of needing a change from this colour pallet and wanting to introduce more colour to their tables.

One lady even expressed needing to break out of the "beige haze" and bring more colour to her table.

After hearing this we decided to check out the local home interiors stores and see what we could find.

There is certainly plenty of opportunity to find gorgeous items for the home in and around Noosa.  The white, beige and ecru colour concept is definitely in evidence but we were excited to come across this blackboard sign as we walked along Hastings Street Noosa. It confirmed our belief that colour is back and that's what we at Moyarta are all about. It's such a source of inspiration for us and we love accessorizing our tables with beautiful coloured napkins, placemats and napkin rings.

We loved how one store had used aqua, turquoise and teal glass accessories to showcase how these colours can coordinate beautifully with white and beige.

By introducing just a few coloured pieces to the table, you can achieve a whole new look and feel for beige and white accessories you may already own. It's a way of still using and keeping what you already own for your table but giving it a new lease on life with a breath of fresh colour.

 We've put together some looks using the beautiful designs of Kim Seybert New York as well as our own Moyarta brand placemats, napkins and napkin rings to show how we can use teal, aqua, blue and turquoise to liven up the beige and white.


      LOOK 1

In Look 1, we've co-ordinated the Kim Seybert concentric placemat with a turquoise linen hemstitched napkin and a beautiful jeweled wood constellation napkin ring.

      LOOK 2

In Look 2, we've used our Moyarta teal raffia placemat and monogram collection hemstitched napkin with a Kim Seybert pearl shell dome napkin ring.


       LOOK 3

In Look 3, we've shown a choice of a Kim Seybert azure capiz placemat or a Moyarta teal raffia placemat and co-ordinated these with a Kim Seybert beige linen napkin and our Moyarta flower burst napkin ring.


       LOOK 4

In our final look, we've chosen capiz lace shell placemat, a white linen napkin with turquoise herringbone embroidery and stunning jeweled poprock napkin ring, all from Kim Seybert.


As we head into Summer here in Australia, there's no need to be stuck in a "Beige Haze". Why not liven up your table by introducing a splash of colour.

Simply choose a bright napkin, a jeweled napkin ring or a beaded placemat to coordinate perfectly with the white or beige pieces you already own for your table. Browse all our collections on our website for more inspiration or call us to arrange a consultation. We'd be delighted to help you.